The Premier Cru Flag

As a beacon in the middle of the Vallée de la Marne, Hautvillers is an unmissable sailing mark in the Champagne ocean.


People say that the famous king of wines was born in this wonderful place, from the fortunate discovery of Dom Pérignon, cellarer of the Hautvillers abbey. Today out of the legends sphere, the history has been popularised to be widely acknowledged as the cradle of a myth, a wine with a worldwide reputation. A universe that is an integral part of the Bliard-Labeste family and of which the family wants to pass on the fabulous story through the development of its Premier Cru classification. 


It was thus quite naturally that the Pinot Noir has become the main grape variety of the estate. This choice can be explained by the terroir as well as by affinity, as Dominique et Bernadette justify its presence in the composition of the greatest cuvées due to its strength. This prevalence is logically present in the family vineyard.


Captain of his own ship, Thibaut has a tactical map that allows him to sail across his vines in an instinctive and flowing way. Always attentive to what is happening on the surface and in depths, he does not hesitate to conduct detailed analysis on the plots that required further discussion. Involved in the integrated wine-growing since the year 2000, the vineyard obtained the “Haute Valeur Environnementale” (High Environmental Value) certification in 2021. The family chose the partial grass cover-cropping and pays particular attention to the work of soil, realising the human and material commitment of the last few years.