Assembled exclusively from the best cuvées in pinot noir and chardonnay.

Cuvée ‘par excellence’ reserved for passionate wine lovers

For the aperitif and special occasions.

- Pinot Noir : 49%

- Chardonnay : 51%

Intensity : Abundant fine bubbles 

Thick and full cordon 

Colour : Golden yellow


Ripe fruits with notes of bread

Aromas of pineapple, quince and dried fruit


A great wealth of aromas demonstrates the beautiful quality of the grapes at harvest 


Texture : Begins with freshness. Then the wine becomes larger, opulent and powerful

Sugar / Acidity : Fullness and balance demonstrate the harmonious character of the cuvée

Final : Long, warm and approachable, while retaining elegance. 

The blend of selected grapes leads to a rich wine

Temperature : 10 à 12°C

Accompaniment : White meats