Dominique Bliard and Bernadette Labeste decided to embark on the creation of their winery in 1989. 
It is with the few vineyards from their families that they launched and marketed their first bottles of Champagne in 1993. 

Dominique Bliard

Founder of the brand, he is today administrative and financial manager.

Bernadette Bliard

Co-Founder of the brand, she is in charge the management of shipments. She also provides all the day to day management within the compagny. 

They have been able to develop the estate by expanding gradually to reach today an estate of around 3 hectares. 
Since 2016, the second generation has become involved, with their children Thibaut and Florian, both graduates of a master's degree specialty in Wine and Champagne.

Thibaut Bliard

Responsible for the management of the vineyard, he is in charge of the various jobs undertaken in the vines. 

Florian Bliard

Responsible for customer relations, he is in charge of the commercialization of these precious bottles of Champagne.